I was born in the Northern province of the Netherlands called Friesland. I was so keen to enter the world that my father had to stand in for the midwife who couldn't make it in time for my arrival. The first words I spoke were, 'no, mom and why?'  I haven't grown up in that regard because I still love to ask the 'why' questions. 

I married Toby at a young age and soon we were blessed with the arrival of three beautiful children, Bauke, Johanna and Rients. Life in our idyllic village was comfortable and quite predictable.  We never imagined moving away from our hometown- let alone to the other side of the world- but twenty-seven years ago, we did.  We exchanged the green meadows of Friesland for the fairest Cape in the world, Cape Town.  There we embarked on an extraordinary journey, met amazing people, had our hearts broken more than once while providing shelter to street children, and managed a home for children with HIV/ AIDS.  

The journey hasn't finished and there is still so much more to come.  My heart fills with expectation as I set sail for a second wind.  Knowing that I am rooted in God and part of an amazing group of family and friends who love me and help me grow into the woman I am destined to be fills me with a great sense of gratitude. My purpose and passion in this season of life is to continue the dignifying work of Jesus through public speaking, teaching and writing.  I can’t say I love jogging, but it does keep those extra kilos at bay ;).

My family is very dear to me, especially our two little VIP's, Jayden and Sienna, our two gorgeous grandkids who fill our love tanks and bring such joy to our hearts.  Spending time with my husband in front of the fireplace or just cuddled up on a couch with a good book or movie really refreshes and energises me. 

Now that I have shared a bit about who I am, what I love, and what I am passionate about, I would love to get to know you too. 

With love,


Founder of The Dignity Campaign

After 23 years living and working in Cape Town and a traumatic experience in 2012, Aukje founded The Dignity Campaign with the aim to restore dignity to girls and women.

Author of Dare To Ask

Dare To Ask is the story of an ordinary woman, who with her ordinary family moved to an early post-apartheid South Africa and found herself on a extraordinary journey with God.

Public Speaker and Teacher

Aukje is a gifted speaker and teacher who makes spiritual truths come alive as she uses engaging illustrations and personal testimonies.  Her passion for God and people is inspirational.