Dare To Ask


Foreword by Steve Goode

This story is an example of knowing and following God. Aukje shares openly about learning how to ask questions of God when times are the most difficult, and about trusting God when life doesn't turn out like one expects regarding issues of suffering, injustice and living up-close in a broken world as she watched many young deaths from HIV/AIDS. The impact of this epidemic upon the weakest among us, and the poorest in our midst is heart-rending.

Aukje shares honestly of the pain that these deaths had upon those serving, and speaks directly to the questions – ‘Where is God in the midst of suffering and injustice?’ ‘Where is God when it hurts?’ If you have asked, or are asking, these questions – ‘Dare to Ask’ is a good place to start.

Steve Goode
YWAM Leader
Mercy Ministries International