Dare To Explore

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Dear friends,

Have you noticed how easy it is to adopt the ideas of someone else and follow the beliefs that others hold as truth? 

Yet deep down inside of us lives an explorer, an inner self that waits for permission to dig in the soil of life and unearth the hidden beliefs and unexplored realities. 

For many years I was afraid to explore what I believed, afraid of what I would find or, even more frightening, what I wouldn’t find.

As a child I was told that I asked too many questions but I couldn’t stop because the desire to explore was in my genes.

For many years I tried to push away the desire to explore my faith and beliefs more out of fear than reverence. Instead of exploring I adopted, a ‘believe what you are told’ kind of faith. 

Yet the questions kept surfacing and inviting me to engage!

I hear people say, ‘We need to be authentic believers’ - but what do we mean by that? Could it be that exploring our faith and beliefs are part of being authentic? Jesus did say, ‘Unless you become like a child you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven’. Children are authentic, they do ask a lot of questions and they love to explore. What would happen if we allow the child within us to show up and start digging with a joyful expectation to find treasures?

It was only when I began to understand the truth – that the desire to ask questions and explore was a gift from God for the purpose of growing and flourishing my personal relationship with Him. 

Something significant happens when we ask, we give away that we don’t know the answer and that can be quite humbling. When we explore we show that we have the desire to know. I have found that asking and exploring reveals humility which leads to a deeper intimacy with God. It’s in this space that I experience the presence of God and find so much more than an answer, I find the joy of a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus.

Knowing that I was made to ask and explore has awakened the child within me.  I get so excited when I receive fresh revelation from engaging with God through studying the Bible and through conversation with Him. During these moments, I feel and act like a child who just unwrapped a much desired gift. 

I invite you to join me during 2019 and beyond and explore together this journey called life and faith.

Much love,