God takes our undignified moments and redeems them, so we can give birth to dreams filled with resurrection power.
— Aukje Brouwer

The Dignity Campaign

I saw a dream become a reality when The Dignity Campaign was born in 2012.  It took 23 years of serving alongside my husband Toby at Beautiful Gate (an NGO we founded in 1994) and a traumatic experience to give birth to this dream of seeing girls and women find their identity, belonging and purpose in God.

Today, women from South Africa and beyond are being trained to become Dignity Facilitators who give support to teenage girls and restore dignity to women. 

Beautiful Gate

While watching a TV documentary about street children in Cape Town, we felt our hearts stirred with compassion for these marginalized kids. After three years of preparation, we said goodbye to our family and friends and embarked on a journey which brought us to the southern tip of the African continent. We joined a worldwide mission movement called Youth With A Mission and started a project for street children.

Today, Beautiful Gate is impacting the lives of children and families at risk in three African countries and is mobilizing and training people from across the world to work with children at risk. 

Redeemed, Renewed and Released

Gods Heart for Women

"During the session on God’s heart for women, I started to see myself through God’s eyes. Knowing that I was created in the image of God wasn’t new to me, but it became clear that God had not only redeemed and restored me, but had also released me into being an agent of change. More than ever before, I heard the call to rise up out of my own brokenness into continuing Jesus’ dignifying work".

— Crystal K.  (participant dignity training)

Children at Risk

“The Children at Risk school not only prepared me for caring for children, but also gave me a grasp of God’s heart for them. This changed my perspective of how I see and engage with children. I also learned so much about myself and met so many beautiful people who God used to shape me into the person I am today,” 


— Iris R. (Student, YWAM Children at Risk School, 2017)

Make a Difference that Lasts

"I learned that I am not alone, that others have problems too and that there are solutions to our problems. I learned many things and I felt comfortable talking about my body and menstruation. I am so grateful for the reusable sanitary gift I received as a gift. 
I will definitely share with others what I have learned ."                         

                                                                               — Michaela, 17 years (attended a Dignity Day for girls)


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